Ticks belong in the Family Ixodidae and can also range in color based upon their type. Usually the size of a tick is 1 centimeter long for adults and larvae under 1 millimeter in length.

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Ticks can spread disease and invade your home even if you don’t have pets.

The environment of your house will likely depict almost any potential tick issues; it really is common to come across them infiltrating yards and architectural structures close to dense wooded areas or substantially vegetated locations. Distinct tick types require a certain quantity of moisture in order to survive, and also blood for nutrition; provided by wildlife or humans.

The life-cycle of ticks is made up of 4 different phases. The egg, larvae, nymph and adult. They start with half a dozen legs during the larvae stage and have eight legs in the very last stages. No matter what life cycle phase, they have to have blood to stay alive. Ticks that carry a number of disease-causing pathogenic agents and bacteria can actually be transmitted to their host.

Signs of Tick Infestation

You’ll know if ticks are entering your house once you begin seeing them. If you have household pets and see ticks on them, you very likely have ticks around the house or at least the places your animal frequents. Additionally, some individuals that experience a tick bite may suffer with unfavorable symptoms and might consult a doctor for treatment, if any is needed.

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