If you suspect rats are in your property it’s likely because you’ve heard strange noises or little feet running across the floor above or maybe scratching noises are heard inside the walls. Whatever the reason for your suspicion of a rat issue, our rat control Santa Ana experts are here to help.

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We utilize effective methods for rat control and prevention in Santa Ana properties.

Rats will nest and start a family extremely swiftly so it is imperative that you take action right away if you believe rats have actually attacked your home. Rats can acquire entry into your property via any little opening, fracture or hole they find. Rats can press through extremely little entry points so all imperfections should be repaired or sealed regardless. Our rat control Santa Ana technicians are trained to help identify any spots that may be allowing the pests entry; call (714) 656-2145 to learn more now.

Rat Control at Home

Rats will often look for a brand-new home for themselves that just happens to be in your property; the attic, wall gaps and below porches. Additionally, they are not too delighted about new things being introduced to their environment which is why many property owners are not successful when trying to eliminate rats on their own utilizing baits and also other DIY techniques.

Most people dislike rats because of their capability to carry and send illness. If they are plagued with ticks or fleas they will merely be developing a second problem for you to fret about; but only if left unattended to for lengths of time.

Our professional rat control Santa Ana specialists understand ways to identify entry points for Santa Ana houses and businesses. Simply give us a call at (714) 656-2145 to arrange a visit and learn more about how we can assist you and protect your property from future rat invasions also.