You can find a number of varieties of millipedes that are typically present in Santa Ana, California but will be brown colored and 2.5 to four centimeters in length. The millipedes feature 2 pair of legs for every segment (millipedes have two).

Millipedes will actually lay their offspring in dirt, their preferred location, and many millipede varieties will be entirely developed within their second year, existing a number of years right after adulthood.

Millipedes Treatment

It’s not at all unusual to identify a millipede both in and out of your house. In the house they generally frequent moist regions and outdoors they are discovered in gardens and flowers. You’ll spot millipedes outside of your home should you have compost or foliage close to outer walls. So long as the soil is moistened they are going to savor that environment. They feed on decaying wood and leaves.

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These little pesky bugs can be frustrating but our solutions can help you get relief.

Come Autumn season, you’ll start seeing the millipedes begin to migrate, abandoning the dwelling they have termed home for the last few months. While scientists are convinced the millipedes are getting ready for winter weather, migrating millipedes have also been discovered any time their home gets flooded by heavy rain. During this time it’s not at all odd to discover them inside the residence.

Millipede Sightings & Entry Points

Should a millipede find the house, they may possibly first take residence on the outdoor patio or porch. Alas, they won’t stop there. As soon as they have occupied your patio area or porch, they will likely climb across the external surface, finding a way into the property or home that is ordinarily a tiny hole you have not found. That said, you need to check the the seals on your doors and windows, garage doors, air vents, crawl space entry and cellar entrances. In case you have a room dedicated to storage that contains bins or other items, they’re able to easily hide under items if they gain access to the area.

Methods to Reduce The Risk for Millipede Invasions

  • Eradicate any extra mulch. Try to make sure a gap that is at least six inches between any foundation level flowerbeds up against the residence. This can include getting rid of any compost, grass and old foliage directly against the home’s exterior.
  • Examine all the screens on your doors, vents and windows. In addition to your home’s window screens, be sure that vent and crawl space screens are in superior condition with no gaps or problems that may allow for rodent admission.
  • All access doors must shut and seal off firmly, eradicating any unnecessary space for bugs to enter in through, since they will.
  • Be sure that the doors and windows have weather stripping that’s in one piece and without damage. If you do not have weather stripping or it is worn out the pests can easily enter and really needs to be serviced.
  • Basement doorways should additionally have weather strip protection; when you can see a light shining from below the exterior door, the weather stripping has to be swapped out.

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