Finding out you have fleas in your home can be a very unfortunate discovery but if you don’t take action to eliminate them right away, you could easily have a nightmare on your hands in the very near future.  Give us a call at (714) 656-2145 today and our specialists will happily assist you!

Fleas are little and do not have wings, varying up to 2.5 mm long typically and do not showcase wings but are expert jumpers. They are red brown and glossy, with very tiny hairs compressed to make motion through fur much easier. They have tiny spinal columns covering their bodies and piercing mouth-parts which are used to draw blood. The adult parasites will injure from their host (a human or animal) while the larvae feed on natural particles such as adult flea feces as it contains blood that hasn’t been digested.

Fortunately, a flea won’t connect their eggs to a host, but sadly they will attach their eggs to ground coverings and areas; your furniture, carpets rugs, upholstery, furnishings, etc. Flea eggs generally hatch out quickly; as soon as two days.

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Fleas can be tough to eliminate – call (714) 656-2145 to see how we can help!

Fleas Treatment

Fleas do pass by humans as their selection of hosts and will have a tough time sustaining a decent populace if humans are their only host option. Now, if you have animals in the home, fleas might quickly populate many times before you have resolved the situation. Many times fleas will be in the yard when they’re discovered inside the home. If this is the case, you will need to make sure the yard is treated as well or any efforts made to control the fleas inside the home will be wasted and pointless because the fleas will continue to be carried inside.

Flea Infestations

Females fleas may lay their eggs on their host, but they won’t attach the eggs. This means the eggs can easily fall from the host onto whatever surface is below, quickly infesting your carpets, furniture, etc.  It only takes just twelve days for the eggs to begin hatching. The larvae can then consume the organic matter they discover in neighboring crevices and fractures, being careful to avoid any light.

They start entering the pupal stage within 18 days and during this phase construct what looks like a cocoon around themselves. Invasions will typically occur where there are pets or other animal(s) like livestock. Relying on the severity of an infestation it can take numerous treatments to completely get rid of each one of the fleas and your pets have to be dealt with at the same time your home is treated, if not earlier.

It’s not too complicated to determine a present flea issue on your home. Certain things to watch for that typically exhibit flea activity includes animals who scratch constantly or appear to groom themselves more than usual. This could be a sign of fleas or simply dry skin. It’s typically quite easy to look for fleas on your animal and all it takes is examining their fur or taking them to see the veterinarian.

In addition, your pets might not be the only ones dealing with the fleas. You may likewise begin to see small bites that become inflamed and scratchy if the fleas start feasting on you as well. Nevertheless, fleas aren’t the only parasites that can trigger red, itchy bites however your physician or a little research might assist you identify if it’s in reality fleas that are eating you up.

Flea dirt is likewise an indicator of flea activity. Flea dirt is the feces of fleas but it resembles dirt or ground pepper. These feces will likely be on your pet, however you might also discover flea dirt on your animal’s bed linen, the rugs and carpets or other areas your pets regularly sleep or rest.

Superior Flea Control

As mentioned above, your animal will certainly have to be dealt with must fleas exist in your house. However, this alone won’t eliminate the issue, however it will help your animal discover relief from the itching and pain triggered by the fleas in their fur. You will likely need to deal with both the within and beyond the house if fleas exist. You’ll wish to watch on your pet to make sure the medication (collar, drops, and so on) is working appropriately and in the future examine them frequently to stay clear of another problem.

Flea Treatment Preparation

In order for an expert treatment to be reliable there are steps a house owner should take prior to getting treatment. Vacuum your flooring really thoroughly. Sweep and mop all hard floors prior to their arrival. See to it the entry methods and floors are free of clutter. Wash the bedding in the house, (pet bedding included) and other fabrics that are in the home.

Once you’ve finished these steps our professional flea pest control expert can arrive and treat your home for fleas. We focus on the ravaged areas (usually a pets bed linen, living space, and so on) and when finished, we will offer valuable details for protecting your property from fleas invading in the future. Call (714) 656-2145 today to see how our flea control Santa Ana solutions work.