You might not exactly know what an earwig is and you’re not alone. They are pros at taking over many different areas within a house and sometimes require a variety of solutions to efficiently improve the infestation. Our earwigs Santa Ana pest technicians can identify the most effective treatments and method for treating your specific earwig problem. You can expect to see earwigs in greater numbers where individuals live in close proximity.

Exactly What Do Earwigs Look Like?

The pincers are usually what frighten folks once they see them, leading some to believe the pests are threatening. These particular pincers are actually how an earwig defends itself and makes use of them when battling other earwigs.

Adult earwigs vary in size from 5-25 mm in length. Their bodies are slender and they also have two pairs of wings. Certain species will in fact produce a liquid with an unpleasant odor as a defense strategy when they feel threatened. Immature earwigs have the exact same appearance as grownups however with no wings.

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Earwigs Diet

Depending upon the species, an earwig could be a predator or an omnivore. Earwigs become active in the evening time and hide throughout the day in wet, damp locations. When winter season goes along they go under ground and arise when Spring arrives. While under ground the ladies will lay eggs. The lady is responsible for looking after her offspring till they hatch out. She then continues her protection until they can look for food by themselves.

You’ll likely see them in your light traps given that they’re drawn in to lights and could be the bothersome parasite you’ve discovered flying around your porch while attempting to take pleasure in the sunset or an evening on the deck. During the day time if they are on your deck or porch, they might easily be hiding beneath cushions and other items. When they are found inside the house, you should not fret as they are looking for some food or shelter, or perhaps a negative change in weather has forced them to seek a better environment.

Identify an Earwig Infestation

An invasion might be likely if you’re discovering a great deal of earwigs inside the home at all times of the day. When they are found inside a home, they tend to prefer certain rooms; particularly those with water. That might include the laundry room, restroom and kitchen. That’s not to say you won’t see them in other space so the house, nevertheless, because they can easily end up in nearly any area of the house.

Earwig Treatment and Prevention

To manage an earwig invasion it’s important to remove any places they could easily hide around your home. Otherwise you will likely be wasting your time and money trying to eliminate them.

The following are pointers for managing earwigs if you are noticing a lot of them on your property.

  • Remove any fire wood piles, logs, wood and other ornamental products away from your property’s foundation.
  • Remove any mulch, natural material or dead leaves 6 to 12 far from the foundation.
  • Trim any neighboring shrubs and trees that supply a shaded, wet location for earwigs to conceal.
  • Frequently examine your rain gutters which they are devoid of blockages and operating properly.
  • Trim any neighboring bushes and trees that provide a shaded, wet location for earwigs to hide.
  • If earwigs seem to enjoy your outdoor lights, think about moving them additionally from the house, directing towards your home. By doing this the earwigs won’t be in your personal space. Another option would be to change your bulbs to yellow if you use bright white lights.
  • All outside screens ought to be without damage and secured so examine these frequently.

To find out more about our own superior earwig control Santa Ana insect solutions just give us a call. We can address any questions you have and offer estimates for one-time or on-going treatments.