When beetles start invading your property (inside and/or out) it can be very frustrating trying to figure out how to make them go away. Not all pests can easily be exterminated with products purchased in your local pest supply store and that’s when you need to phone in the experts for some professional assistance.

Beetle Treatment

We have actually discovered many individuals who have mistaken a roach for a beetle, and even a beetle for a roach. To help you determine what it is, look at the wings. Mature beetles have front wings that are quite firm when compared to the wings of most other pests. Beetles will keep their front wings folded simply to protect and cover the back wings. Looking closely you should see a line that runs across the length of their back.  You won’t be able to determine if it’s a roach or beetle simply by color or size because different varieties of each pest exist in Santa Ana.

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Beetle Life Cycle

Beetles go through four phases of a life process – egg, larva, pupa and grownup. How long it remains in a cycle is figured out by the kind of beetle. It might mature very quickly or it could be several years before it becomes an adult. Those that establish swiftly will produce numerous generations in just a single year alone. Of course, the accessibility and gain of access to food will certainly affect how long the beetle’s life cycle will in fact be.

Beetle Diet

What do beetles eat? Mostly animal and plant materials. You might say that beetles are rather wise in that adults will lay their eggs near the food that will certainly feed the larvae as soon as hatched. Some beetles can also be damaging. Like the carpet beetle. Carpeting beetle larvae will eat natural fibers so your fabric-covered items and home furnishings are at risk for damage when beetles are present. Another destructive bug to consider – the powder-post beetle. It wants to consume bamboo and hard wood.

Think about grain and flour beetles; they choose food found in the house. When attacking an industrial space, like establishments or manufacturing buildings, they can trigger a lot of damage to the food. Outdoors, you may see June beetles and they can hurt your gorgeous yard since they like roots found in your yard. Elm leaf beetles will damage trees. That said, it depends on the type of beetle when it pertains to possible damage so it’s advised to get them looked after right away.

Advantages of Beetles

Although sometimes unsafe, beetles can also be beneficial. Take the ladybug (lady beetle) for example. It will consume insects present on your plants like mealy bugs and aphids so they can be a welcome pest for gardeners. Unfortunately, they can just as easily end up becoming a nuisance and throughout late summertime and fall seasons you might observe the ladybugs attacking your home; both inside and outside. They simply really want shelter for the cold months ahead and end up ending up being problem pests for homeowners.

If you’re prepared to find relief from the beetles on your home then you have to call our beetle control Santa Ana specialists. Our tech will certainly identify the kind of beetle wrecking havoc on your property and then pick the best treatment so you can have a beetle-free house once again. Call (714) 656-2145 today for more information and possibly get a quote for service at your business or residential property.